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Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo
Since 1986, the interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Research has existed at University of Oslo. The Centre has been successfully evaluated through its initial trial periods, and became a permanent Centre at the University of Oslo from 1997.
The Centre offers the bachelor programme "Gender, Feminism and Equality" in close collaboration with other departments and faculties at the University of Oslo.
Research group for gender studies, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim
The Research group for gender studies belongs to the Department of interdisciplinary studies of culture at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Margrethe Aune is the manager of the research group, while Jan Groven Grande is the contact person for inquiries into the group and its projects.
KILDEN Information Centre for Gender Research in Norway
KILDEN is an information centre for gender research in Norway.
KILDEN has the national responsibility for promotion and information about Norwegian gender research nationally and abroad.
KILDEN has the national responsibility to promote the documentation of resources and activities within gender research in Norway.
Center for equality
Likestillingssenteret (Center for equality) is drifted by Kvinneuniversitetet (Women's University), an ideal foundation established in 1983. It was originally situated at Rosenlund in Løten, but moved to Hamar in 2006.
The center promotes equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, social background and functional abilities. Our main focus is on gender.
The KUN centre for gender equality
KUN was established in 1991 as "Kvinneuniversitetet Nord", The Northern Feminist University (NFU). The founders were Nordland county, local municipalities, women's organisations and private individuals.
The purpose of the foundation is to be a centre of knowledge where women's experiences and knowledge are made visible, recognised, up-graded and documented. It is to be a meeting place between theoretical and practical, formal and informal knowledge, as well as providing possibilities for developing networks, educational opportunities and working methods.
Institute for Women's Law, University of Oslo
The Institute of Women's Law is part of the Department of Public and International Law at the University of Oslo. The aim Women's Law is to describe, explain and understand women's legal position in order to improve women's position in law and society.
The Programme for Gender Research
A research programme by the Culture and Society Division of the Research Council of Norway.
Fafo and gender studies
A key to Fafo’s work on gender issues is the mainstreaming of gender issues in social analysis. All projects have an explicit aim to include gender as variable in the analysis, in line with a general holistic perspective on living conditions.
Institute for Social Research (ISF)
The Institute for Social Research (ISF) comprises research within all of the social sciences as well as history. The study of gender in modern Norwegian society has for many years been an important research area at the Institute.