Scandinavian homosexualities : essays on gay and lesbian studies / Jan Löfström, editor
Author(s): Jan Löfström
Date: 1998

Scandinavian Homosexualities offers non-Scandinavian readers a rare opportunity to explore the history, sociology, notions, experiences, and cultural politics of homosexuality in Scandinavian societies in English. This unique insight into some of the most advanced countries in regard to institutionalized civil rights for lesbians and gays will help you direct change and progress in your own country. Chapters in Scandinavian Homosexualities cover a wide range of issues, including: traditions and practices in the legal regulation of same-sex sexuality; the historically changing understanding of femininity and masculinity; physical, social, and cultural niches of same-sex desire and sexual conduct; and theoretical approaches to individual experiences of sexual and erotic self. In Scandinavian Homosexualities, you'll come to see the cultural and social differences that exist between Scandinavian and Anglo-American societies. Specifically, you'll see how differences in the culture of gender and sexuality may bear upon our scholarly theories and conceptualizations of homosexuality and on our analysis of sexual and gender politics.