Woman in a northern landscape / editor, Sylvi Inez Liljegren ; translated by: Bjørn Erik Stemland
Author(s): Sylvi Inez Liljegren
Date: 1999

A declaration of love to a Northern Landscape, given by circumpolar women from Canada to Siberia, in an exciting, creative book of current interest about being a Woman in a Northern Landscape.

The book pictures the lives of women as workers, bearers of tradition, and social developers, in a landscape beneath the Northern Lights and darkness, the midnight sun, and the changing lights and colours.

Through her meetings with these women, the editor Sylvi Inez Liljegren features women of today, who in their busy everyday lives feel the joy of living in a Northern Landscape. Some of these women are preoccupied with their careers, professional knowledge and creativity. What they all have in common is their concern with finding a meaningful way of living.

“Listen to these women. Share their longings, and discover your own,” encourages Sylvi Inez Liljegren.