Nordic Gender Equality and Gender Research

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave this collection to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in October 2006.

KILDEN, Norwegian Information and Documentation Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, compiled the collection.

The focus of the collection is the Nordic Gender Equality Model. Most of the books were written by Norwegian researchers, though there is also a selection from Danish, Swedish, Finnish, and non-Nordic authors.

The collection consists mostly of single-issue research pieces, and includes some dissertations, periodicals, and digital resources.

These are some of the topics covered among the books: gender in the welfare state, the occupational market, wages, child care, ageing, youth, body ideals, globalisation, power, multicultural challenges, minorities, economy, career, food, family, marriage, fertility, work, divorce, parenthood, masculinity, sexuality, single parents, Nordic feminism, politics, laws, technology, love, education, research, sports, health, the women’s movement, literature, peace and development, history, religion, violence, and agriculture.

The book collection represents how Norway and the other Nordic countries deal with, debate, and research these issues. While Norwegian and other Nordic research communities are becoming increasingly internationally oriented, the vast majority of research takes place within the individual national languages. Hence, this collection is limited to research written in or translated into English. The collection includes a small compilation of highly recognized Norwegian novels that deal with issues of gender.