Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway

Intelligent robots may strengthen gender norms
Machines and technology increasingly fill more and more human functions. According to researchers, society’s gender roles affect the development of robots and artificial intelligence, but technology may also shape ideas about gender.
Gender and quality create conflict when hiring academics
Many believe it is difficult to reconcile demands for gender equality and measures such as moderate quotas with academia’s conception of quality. This is according to a new master’s thesis on assessments and gender in hiring processes for senior-level positions.
European gender scholars unite in resistance against right-wing attacks
How are Hungarian, Polish and Swedish gender scholars responding to criticism and campaigns to discredit their work? Not only do they emphasize the intrinsic value of gender studies - they also use humour to counter the anti-gender campaigns.
#MeToo kick starts Nordic research on sexual harassment
We have asked stakeholders in the sector about the status of research on sexual harassment in Nordic academia in the wake of #MeToo.