Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway

Attitudes towards immigrants and immigration 2017: Gender seems to impact some of the indicators
Women are more prone than men to support the idea that immigrants enrich the culture. They also refute more strongly than men the idea that immigrants should be as similar to Norwegians as possible.
Co-funded call to be announced by the end of December
The co-funded call will be inviting research projects applying a gender dimension in addressing urgent societal challenges. The Norwegian government is a partner in the project.
Nordic meeting on gender equality in the public space
The sexualisation of the public space, hate speech, and the #MeToo campaign were some of the topics discussed when Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK) arranged a networking meeting for projects that have received funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers’ gender equality fund.
How can we improve the gender balance in academia?
In what is referred to as the Nordic gender paradox, the Nordic region is on the one hand a leader in terms of gender equality overall, while, on the other, women are strongly underrepresented in senior positions in science and research.