Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway

Gender-Neutral Norwegian Army Welcomes Its First Female Recruits
While women only comprised 17 percent of Norway's regular army in 2015, the universal conscription has pushed the share of the fair sex up, as women constituted 33 percent of all the draftees this year.
Rectors do not want gender equality put on hold
Norwegian universities and university colleges are undergoing an extensive merger process. “In major processes like these, there are often matters that are more urgent than gender equality. That being said, gender equality should still be high on the agenda,” says the pro-rector of Norway’s largest university.
Households doubled their dividends
Households doubled their share dividend income in 2015. Men took 80 per cent of the dividend payment that went to the households.
8 in 10 new-borns receive home visits from the public health centres
In 2015, 83 per cent of new parents had home visits from the public health centres, and almost all infants underwent a health examination within eight weeks of birth. Health examinations for children of pre-school age and in their first year at school have nearly full coverage.