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Norway intensifies efforts to promote human rights
Norway intensifies efforts to promote human rights
It is the responsibility of each and every state to protect human rights and prevent all forms of discrimination and violence, including against women, children, religious minorities, indigenous peoples, people with disabilities and sexual minorities, said foreign minister Børge Brende, when presenting a white paper on human rights.
Attacking “state feminism” on multiple fronts
Men, Muslims and conservative women appear to have formed a united effort in Norway's newspapers against the feminist values that dominate official policies. But it’s unclear what the “state feminism” they oppose really is.
Rap music has found a place in Norwegian culture
The hard masculinity found in much American rap music reflects the conditions that the genre developed under. Some of these elements are carried over to the Norwegian variant, but many things have changed, says researcher.
16 politicians have been subjects to harassment
16 ministers and parliamentarians say that they have been physically attacked or that someone has tried to do it, according to a study conducted by the Police Academy Research Department.