Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway

Good mothers don't protest
They demonstrated in order to secure their children’s future in Norway, but the protest was used against them as mothers. “Who is allowed to be politically active and how is a much more gendered issue than we’d like to think,” says Synnøve Bendixsen.
More men in Norwegian language training, but women still in the majority
During 2015, 37 100 people attended Norwegian language training and social studies for newly arrived immigrants - a 2 percent increase from 2014. There are more men than women among participants with less than two years of residence, while the women are in the majority among those with two or more years of residence.
On a mission to solve the Nordic gender paradox
Two new research centres will try to find the solution to the gender imbalance in Nordic academia.
Norwegians exercise more than before
Four out of five Norwegians exercise at least once a week. This represents an increase of nearly 20 percentage points over the past 15 years. Women and men report similar levels of physical activity. However, there are differences in the choice of activities. More men play ball sports, while it is more common for women to participate in dance and group exercise classes, aerobics and yoga.