Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Gender Research in Norway

Norway leads push for gender equality but has a long way to go
Lack of female representation remains a problem despite boardroom quota.
More women owned enterprises
At the beginning of 2013, over 29 per cent of the owners of personally-owned enterprises were women. From 2004 to 2013, the number of female owners increased from about 40 500 to almost 59 000. About 27 per cent of the shareholders in private and public limited companies were women.
Fewer divorced and separated
The number of divorces and separations has decreased in recent years. Since 2005, the decrease has been 12 per cent. In 2013, there were 200 fewer marriages dissolved by divorce and 200 fewer couples separated than in 2012.
Gender quota put women on top of the pay scale
After female quotas were introduced in publicly traded joint-stock companies in Norway, more women are among the companies' highest paid individuals, and more women are managers.